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Cable Manufacturer for Industrial Standard Cable Assemblies and Design

Cable Manufacturer for Industry standard cables, medical cables, display cables, I/O, fiber optic, ribbon cable and jumpers, power cables, high-speed, and custom design, assembly solutions.

VctiTech has strategic alliances throughout manufacturers of cable assemblies. our partners have been carefully reviewed and handpicked to offer the highest industrial standards and best match for your technology and industry requirements.  we offer standard of the shelve cable assembly and customized cable assembly, but not limited to USB/ 1394 cables, car harness, display port cables, HDMI cables, SATA cables, telecommunication cables, DC power supply cables, flat cables, VGA cables, multi-media cables, medical cables, network cables, optical fiber cables, adapters and connectors for custom design and assemblies.

we build the customization tools and supply the most competitive pricing in the market. You are welcome to send your inquiry today

Our cables assembly ranges from communication, network, multimedia, pc, industry, automotive, entertainment, medical and other cable assembly solutions.

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Electronic Products and Development, PCB Design and Fabrication, Cable Assembly and Custom Design, Plastic Part Manufacturing

VctiTech are specialized in electronic product design and PCB Design ( Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication), electronic prototype design and manufacturing, plastic part manufacturing, cable assemblies and custom cable design.We have developed and produce products in the following fields: Telecom,Telephony,Line modems,Computer USB and RS232 peripherals,Wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM,Power supply,Battery Chargers/ recharges,White LED displays and lights, Infra RED,Motion detectors (IR, magnetic, etc,.), Capacitive Touch, Remote controls,Power and climate controllers,Temperature and pressure detectors,Capacitance detector.