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PCB Board Manufacturing and PCB Prototyping Service

Specializes in PCB design boards, PCB prototyping and printed circuit board assembling services

VctiTech offers complete PCB manufacturing and printed circuit board prototyping project management of all your PCB prototype needs, from parts procurement to PCB fabrication and PCB assembly – a complete turnkey solution.

  • Products range from Rigid PCB up to 30 layers, Aluminum PCB, Impedance, Buried-blind vias, Hard/Soft Gold...Flex PCB , Rigid-Flex and more.
  • The material is ranged from FR-4 (130TG-180TG), CEM1, Rogers, Halogen free laminate, Teflon, Aluminum and more.
  • No minimum order quantity requirement. We produce Prototypes, samples and large quantity mass production.
  • We guarantee fast lead time at a competitive price. We can ship double-sided PCB's within 24 hours and four-layer PCB's within 48 hours.

We provide excellent customer service and quick response. Quotes are replied and sent the same day.

Vctitech has strategic alliances throughout the PCB manufacturing industry. Our competitive qualified and certified PCB manufacturing partners have been handpicked to offer the highest standards and best match for your technology and industry requirements. We


Electronic Products and Development, PCB Design and Fabrication, Cable Assembly and Custom Design, Plastic Part Manufacturing

VctiTech are specialized in electronic product design and PCB Design ( Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication), electronic prototype design and manufacturing, plastic part manufacturing, cable assemblies and custom cable design.We have developed and produce products in the following fields: Telecom,Telephony,Line modems,Computer USB and RS232 peripherals,Wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM,Power supply,Battery Chargers/ recharges,White LED displays and lights, Infra RED,Motion detectors (IR, magnetic, etc,.), Capacitive Touch, Remote controls,Power and climate controllers,Temperature and pressure detectors,Capacitance detector.