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PCB layout design Service for your Printed Circuit Board Project

Over 20 years experience to assist your Printed Circuit Board design project for an entire PCB layout. Same day quotation with PCB assembly service.

VctiTech has the tools and knowledge to design your PCB no matter how large or small it is.

We use the industries top tier design tools and are driven to be the best.

We do much more than just PCB layout design. As a full-service electronic design and manufacturing, we can handle all aspects of electronic product design. We do everything from specification to design and documentation, and provide the standard Gerber files tooling files, machine assembly x-y files, and others for the PCB manufacturing.

IPC and other standards do not tell how to properly route the PC board. Good PCB layout techniques require an understanding of the effects of non-zero trace impedance and the coupling of signals from one circuit to another through parasitic capacitances and radio transmission, as well as a basic understanding of circuit operation. Auto placement software may be used for most parts of control circuits, but power, ground and high di/dt circuits should be routed by hand by a professional PCB layout designer.

Therefore our experienced designers can provide a professional PCB layout design to follow the required standards and improve product stability and functionality. Our state of the art development tools allow us to work with three-dimensional representations of the circuit boards before production. This lets us integrate the electronic design with the mechanical design to make sure everything fits right the first time. This is in order to avoid costly interference problems and delays.

Our Design Capabilities:

  • Rules Driven Designs
    (Constraint Manager, Constraint Editor)
  • Schematic and CAD Library
  • Creation and Maintenance
  • Signal Integrity / Design Verification
  • High Speed Backplane / Midplane Design
  • Single Ended and Differential
  • Controlled Impedance Design
  • Design for Manufacture / Test / Assembly
  • Micro BGA / Micro Via / Blind & Buried Vias
  • Full Documentation Package Creation
PCB Layout Design

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VctiTech are specialized in electronic product design and PCB Design ( Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication), electronic prototype design and manufacturing, plastic part manufacturing, cable assemblies and custom cable design.We have developed and produce products in the following fields: Telecom,Telephony,Line modems,Computer USB and RS232 peripherals,Wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM,Power supply,Battery Chargers/ recharges,White LED displays and lights, Infra RED,Motion detectors (IR, magnetic, etc,.), Capacitive Touch, Remote controls,Power and climate controllers,Temperature and pressure detectors,Capacitance detector.